Ewaste Solutions

ECS is committed to reducing the environmental effects caused by massive electronic asset waste disposal that is plaguing our world. With ever-increasing refresh rates of IT hardware, this problem has reached the tipping point at an alarming rate. The ECS ewaste management program is a true solution for responsible corporations across the nation.

Our national, vertical ewaste management footprint offers unmatched service levels. As the problem continues to grow, we are taking critical investment steps to provide real solutions to the marketplace with a true “cradle to grave” focus. Rest assured that our security and compliance umbrella leads the industry. We are the choice for your demanding needs, proven with thorough documentation. Let us customize a solution just for you. Together we can take responsibility and make a difference.


THE PROBLEM- In the United States alone, 2.21 million tons of electronic waste were produced in 2000, including 916,900 tons of information products. read more

OUR SOLUTION- How can your business save time and money in the disposal of old, outdated electronic assets and e-waste--while increasing your bottom line--and helping the environment, too? Let ECS show you how. read more