ECS Ewaste Solution

How can your business save time and money in the disposal of old, outdated electronic assets and e-waste--while increasing your bottom line--and helping the environment, too? Let ECS show you how.

ECS and its key partners provide our customers a totally integrated Electronic Lifestyle Environmental Management and E-Waste solution for the removal, disposition, deployment, recovery, recycling, and resale of old, outdated, and end-of-life electronic assets and e-waste. We offer single-source accountability, superior value, efficiency, and an environmental solution of which you can be proud …with thorough documentation to prove it.

ECS gives you a single-source solution for corporate electronic asset disposal that maximizes revenues and mitigates liabilities--a total solution unmatched by others:

  • Security—your old electronic equipment remains in one set of hands.
  • High Value Recovery—we recover copper, aluminum, steel, polymers, glass, fiberglass, and other valuables which then are sold at market value, enabling you to offset disposal costs from these revenues.
  • No e-waste—our proprietary process generates zero landfill and is fully compliant with environmental regulation. It is true recycling.
  • Documentation—certificates of destruction provide documented proof of environmental compliance.
  • Ease—we take every piece of electronic equipment no matter of condition.
  • Low Cost—our one-stop total electronic asset disposal solution is more economical and efficient than running your old equipment through multiple hands. We give you reliable local service with nationwide capabilities.
  • Remarketing—we have the remarketing services for assets that are reusable to help offset expenses or provide positive revenue stream back to you.
  • Rewarded Corporate Responsibility—Your company will be in the forefront of our country’s national environmental initiative.

Old issues--New solutions. Contact your ECS representative to learn more.


THE PROBLEM In the United States alone, 2.21 million tons of electronic waste were produced in 2000, including 916,900 tons of information products. read more

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