Company History

Elite Creative Solutions, LLC (ECS) is headquartered in Denton, Texas.

ECS was once a former operating division of Electronic Label Technology. ELT specialized in retail shelf signage and bar-code shelf labels for retail grocery store industry. It is within this tough retail application that ECS developed its impressive cartridge product line and retail shelf label expertise. Initially one of several ELT divisions, ECS was spun off and separated with a management led buyout years ago and now operates independently.

Through years of continued dedication and process improvements, the printer cartridge operation successfully developed a high quality, reliable product. ECS continues that tradition to improve, revolutionize, and hone its manufacturing processes and procedures. Now one of the premier manufacturers in the cartridge industry, ECS has experienced phenomenal success with its ECO Elite branded product and contract manufacturing services.

Building upon decades of print experience in both the laser printer and flexographic converting operations, ECS consequently developed a significant in-store retail signage product offering. ECS is also now a leading manufacturer of shelf edge marketing labels and signs for the grocery and retail industry. ECS specializes in producing die-cut laser printable sheets converted from various substrates including vinyl, paper, polypropylene, and recycled materials.

ECS continually strives to provide cutting edge technology and solutions to its customers. The company vigorously develops and improves its product offering through extensive research and development. With first class manufacturing facilities, ECS is able to accommodate the high capacity demands of the resale and retail market with quality products at an affordable price.

Today, Elite Creative Solutions, LLC provides a broad range of eco-friendly print solutions surrounding the corporate office and retail print environment. ECS’s strong corporate message of ECO-responsibility continues to permeate its entire offering of print solutions and related services. ECS operates manufacturing plants in Reynosa, Mexico, Denton, TX, and Broken Arrow, OK.


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